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Is Debt Ruining Your Life? Debt can become an oppressive burden on practically anyone at any income level. It can spiral out of control or be a constant splinter that never goes away. Without a strong plan and and even stronger motivation, controlling debt and living within your means can be extremely difficult.
Take Your Life Back It may be hard to believe now, but you can have a life free from the worries and burden of debt. Imagine feeling proud to eat at your favorite restaurant or splurge on a family vacation without the guilt of getting deeper and deeper in debt. It can be a reality - give us 30 minutes and START TO TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK!
Get Out of Debt Responsibly At Harrington Financial Security, we address basic principles of behavior and budgeting to ultimately build wealth. We enable you to take control of your finances now and forever. You will take responsibility for your past mistakes and learn from them to build a debt-free future.

Moral and Responsible Approaches to Debt Relief


We Are Changing Lives Every Day!

My name is Quinn Harrington and I am a financial coach trained by the Dave Ramsey team*.

The first time I heard "The Dave Ramsey" show on the radio was in 2002 while driving home late one night. The common sense approach that Mr. Ramsey gave to his callers and the wake up call to live within your means touched a nerve in me. I told my wife that I would like to get his book and she bought it for me on my birthday. She read the book and drank the Koolaid before me and urged me to become a follower right away.

We created a budget and found we received a wonderful raise! The peace that it gave us was immeasurable.